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-You'll receive a Private Mastermind session with me for 1hr

-We are going to solve for our Debt Free Date

-Starting Chunk Amounts

-Line of Credit we will be using as leverage 

-Determining which Debts to pay first to increase Cashflow the fastest

-30 minute review Phone Call on your Velocity Banking Strategy.

-I will be with you on a month to month basis and do research to help you acquire the tools needed to successfully pay off all your debts and start building wealth.

-I will go step by step just like I do in the videos with you on the phone together and answer all your questions.

-My goal is for you to understand this financial concept so that you can teach others as well. I want this information to be spread just the like the Word of Truth. 

-To be best prepared have all financial statements, documents, numbers in line, pen and paper to maximize our time together. 

-Access to all Content Posted on Patreon 

-For a 3 month commitment you will receive a FREE Velocity Banking T Shirt and my book for free when it comes out.