Welcome Tier 2 Patrons!

Now that you’re officially in the “Builder to Contributor” Tier, please download, fill out and email the completed Velocity Banking Spreadsheet to:


Here’s a list of all the benefits you’ll now be receiving since you’ve contributed to Tier 2 :

-You will receive a private 30 minute call with Denzel. 

-We will go step by step and get you started with Velocity Banking

-You will know the exact numbers to use for your situation.

-By giving you will help many other households acquire this valuable information.

-Enjoy Content on our Channel and private content on Patreon as well. 

-(This Tier Level is best for people with low debt 25k or less and if your just looking for guidance on initial steps with Velocity Banking)

-Give for 4 consecutive months and receive everything in Tier 3.