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Who is Denzel?


Denzel Rodriguez also referred to as Mr. Velocity Banking, and The Finance Geek in his YouTube Channel is a young entrepreneur who seeks to teach financial literacy. Denzel wears many hats, he is a teacher, entrepreneur, and personal finance advisor. This young man loves to help people master their personal finances by paying off debt, increase cash flow, lower expenses, and build credit by using the velocity banking concept. Denzel’s goal is to provide real and digestible content to help everybody especially moms all around the world understand their finances. 

Denzel's Story

Denzel’s upbringing warrants his desire to help mothers and others better their finances. Originally, from Queens New York, Denzel was raised by a single mother in a low -income environment. This sparked his interest at an early age about money management and what this can do for his family. With the guidance of his faith and his desire for knowledge, he began his journey to learn more about money management.  When he implemented velocity banking concepts in his own household, the change brought so much satisfaction and joy that he made this his purpose in life, to help families learn their potential by mastering money. 

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His sense of responsibility and money management has landed him serval opportunities. Before starting his own business, he landed a managerial role right out of high school. He managed a fully functional restaurant that brought great success. However, his love for finance and helping people motivated him to pursue something more meaningful. He became a Licensed Life Insurance Agent. As a Licensed Life Insurance Agent, he has served over 150 households so far and manages over 125 million dollars of debt with a 5-7 year pay off timeline. Denzel, a natural public speaker, has one of the fastest growing finance channels on YouTube. In a short time, frame, Denzel has over 5,796 subscribers with 494,547 views, 77,072 hours of content viewed by his audience and counting.

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