{NEW} 8-Week Velocity Banking Masterclass

My Step-By-Step System For Unlocking Your Finances With Velocity Banking.

As a child, I was raised by a single mother in a low-income environment. Being constantly stressed about money/finances had a draining effect on our household.

I knew at an early age that I didn't want my family & I to live like this forever.

With the guidance of faith and my desire for knowledge, I began my journey to learn everything I could about money management & personal finance.

After extensive studying & research, I implemented velocity banking concepts in my own household.

This made an instant impact on my family’s finances and brought so much satisfaction & joy to my household. Such an impact that I made this my purpose in life, to help families learn their potential by mastering money.

So far I’ve been pursuing my life purpose through my YouTube channel and the velocity banking intensive. I’ve personally helped 275+ families achieve financial freedom through my teachings & program.

Now, I’m looking to help even more.

This Velocity Banking Masterclass is an 8-week program where I’m going to be helping dozens of individuals learn my unique step-by-step process for utilizing Velocity Banking to get out of debt, increase cash flow and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

Here's What's Included In This Masterclass ( Starts on November 1st, 2019 )

  • 2 Exclusive, Live-Streamed Masterclass Sessions Per Week ( 90 Minutes Each & Replays Are Available To You For Life )

  • 18 Total Masterclass Sessions

  • Access To Our Private, Gold Mastermind Facebook Group

  • Exclusive Resources & Worksheets To Keep You On Track

  • FREE Bonus Gifts & Trainings

  • People who purchase the early bird package will receive a FREE 1-hour coaching call with Denzel.

Early Bird Pricing:

(Only 50 Spots Available Before Pricing Goes Up )

One Payment Of $497 *BEST VALUE*


Two Payments Of $297

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Are there any additional costs?

Denzel may suggest some software applications to help you track your spending.

Is now the right time?

Why prolong the stress, expense, and uncertainty when you could solve the problem now!

Do you accept refunds?

At this time no refunds are accepted as this is an interactive program.