Building a Team for Your Kingdom

Our sixth step in building our Kingdom is deciding if we're ready to build a team. Let's say you've 10 X'ed your income and you are starting to get overwhelmed by the amount of work that has started to come in. As you build your business and your influence tasks you once saw as “relaxing busy work” may begin to feel tedious. This is one good sign that you are ready to outsource and hire people to help you grow your business.

So, I’m sure your next questions is, Denzel, what do you need to look for when I start to build a team – what are my first steps? Don’t you worry I have 5 things for you to think about when you are ready to build your team.

  1. Let's start by figuring out the things in your business that cause you stress, the things you may not be good at, or things that delay your time. If you are busy doing things you don't love you won't have as much time to help your next clients.

  2. Find a role model, or a couple of role models whose company, demeanor, or attitude you really like and are compatible with. (I like to call this your Fantasy League) Even though each of us is unique not many paths are untaken, so whatever you want to be in life, there is a solid chance someone else has already done it - and done it well - so you have a role model while building your path.

  3. Start small by starting small and only adding one or two people at a time, you will be able to build strong relationships with each new team member. You also will be able to see the direct impact of each additional team member.

  4. Find people who are interested in your mission. Plenty of people will work hard, but some people may join your team to only be in business for their mission and not yours. This is why it is so important to set up your Fantasy League - the people who you follow will have been down this path before and will have tips for finding trustworthy and hardworking people in your industry.

  5. Reward the people and businesses who are useful to you, you all know I do this - I love to shout out coaches and services I use it brings me joy to see these people thrive. When you build your network, you build a support system.

All five of the tips above won't work if you don't put yourself and your mission in the middle.  You have to start with you and build out based on what your needs are. If you want to hear more about how I built my Fantasy League, decided on my strengths and weaknesses, and started to grow my network, and make my finances work for me check out the video below: 

God bless,



Denzel Rodriguez