Creating Activity Income for Your Kingdom

My goal in life, through God's guidance, is to help as many people as I can reduce and relieve stress brought on by financial burdens like debt. I hear pretty regularly about how you guys are nervous about taking the next step in your business because you don't have the cash flow to spare right now. 

Since many of you are entrepreneurs, business owners, and people who are ready to start your own business, I thought today we would talk about how vital activity is when creating your Kingdom.

So, let's grab a cup of coffee and maybe even a notebook because I'm going to talk to you about how you can implement the steps I took to launch my business and build my Kingdom for yourself.

I started my business after seeing the Velocity Banking method work for my family - I saw how it worked and felt passionate about sharing the info I learned with as many people as possible. 

  1. The best advice I can give you about growing your business is to choose a platform - blogging, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever platform makes sense for you and your audience - and catalog your journey by creating as much content as you can.

    I put out content almost every day for months because I knew that if I got my content out there, that I would start to become a personal brand that people are invested in. When people are invested in your personal brand, they share you and your message, which starts to create an audience, a community, a support team that generates more Activity Income. And, when you have Activity Income, you can start seeing positive effects in your business, so that you can get debt out of the way and we can start focusing on building your Kingdom.

    So, now I'm sure you're wondering, what part of my journey do you make videos, blogs, or posts about? Here's an example:  I was talking to a business owner, who had been in business for ten years - helping people who are disabled get jobs. They were wondering how to drive more traffic, so we started talking about types of content that they could be posting, I recommend thinking about the questions you get asked most regularly, those are the topics that will start to draw people in because they are going to be searched for frequently. Here are a handful we came up with.
    What are my first steps when looking for a job when disabled?
    What resources are there for people with _____ looking for a job?
    How to get a job if you're disabled?
    Do I have to quit my job to qualify for disability benefits?
    Free resources for a person with ____ looking for a part-time job

  2. Next, I decided to create a Wikipedia page for myself and my business, all sorts of famous people have those Wikipedia profiles. Why can't you have one? 

  3. After getting comfortable on one platform, it's time to branch out to another. I went from YouTube to social media, to blogging, my next step is to write a book about my experiences starting my business and journey as a millennial entrepreneur 

  4. Another free thing you should do is set up Google my Business. This lets you claim your business online and monitor reviews and questions people are asking.  Remember how important frequently asked questions are for creating content? By setting up a Google my Business account, you will get notified when people add questions to your Q&A section - so not only can you answer these questions with the correct answer, you can re-purpose this content as a blog, video, or post.

  5. Lastly, I secured my domain names. This is a natural step that you can do whenever you know your company name.

These are just 5 simple steps you can take when upping your Activity Income so you can take the next steps in your business.  So now you'll want to know how does this tie into Velocity Banking - well all but one of these steps you can do for free so you won't need to use any of your cash flow.  And, if you need to pay for something, leverage your credit to get those things. 

If you are interested in learning more about Velocity Banking, Kingdom Authority and Activity Income check out this video 

God bless,


Denzel Rodriguez