Protecting Your Kingdom

The third step in our Kingdom Series to establish our Kingdom Authority here on Earth is to protect our Kingdom. Some of the items I’m going to list are things people ignore until the last minute. So, I have a list of things you need to have to protect your Kingdom – no matter how old you are, or how many family members you have:

  • Living Will

  • After Death Trust

  • Life Insurance

  • Estate Planning

  • Financial Power of Attorney

  • Medical Power of Attorney

I am 23 years old, and I have a life insurance policy, I am establishing a will and trust. Next, I’m looking into estate planning services - which should lay the groundwork for the powers of attorney. So how do you do all these things? How do you really put all of this together? 

I want to explain to you the first 3 steps I’m taking to ensure I leave a Legacy for the people in my life.

  1. Right now, I am working on building a team, running your business by yourself gets overwhelming quickly. Many of the entrepreneurs that I know like to be introverted and enjoy what we do so much that the idea of helping people from behind a camera or screen seems like the best way to build our business, but a one-man business isn't much of a business is it? This series is all about creating a Kingdom and a Legacy for the people who matter in your life so it's time to establish something sustainable - that will last forever. Where even if I was removed from the equation, the business would still run, it would still thrive, and it may do better with me gone.

  2. Next is legal protection, I’ve used Legal Shield for the last 2 years – Click Here for a list of their services. My favorite part is that I have access to call an attorney 24/7, all from an app.  This access definitely comes in handy when establishing all but one of the items on our protecting your Kingdom list.

  3. Now we need to take what we learned in our Activity Income and Passive Income posts, and figure out how to create Residual Income I've done this for myself, by partnering with other business owners and entrepreneurs with products that align with my financial flow, purpose, and content I want you to learn. It's all about alignment. So I do not have to do extra work. That's what residual income truly is, to be able to get paid once, right. I mean work once, and get paid forever.

The last two things are disability and insurance. You want to make sure you're protecting yourself all around - your health, for your assets, for your business. To hear about the last two steps and how you can use Velocity Banking with them, watch the video below.

Establish your kingdom authority. Create wealth, and a legacy for your children.

God Bless,



Denzel Rodriguez